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Some changes . . .

Well, this two week experiment with the “Daily Cooper iPhone Photo” has left me with two observations: 1) Coming up with an interesting photo, and a story about Cooper to go with it, every day is not an easy thing; and, 2) I am finding myself starting to cringe at the bad image quality of […]

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Who, me?

Cooper has a somewhat crazy obsession with the little purple half-round located in the right compartment of the pen organizer. It’s this little “toy” i got as a prize for playing some arcade games with my nieces years ago. This “toy” is actually just a half-round piece of rubber that is hollow on the concave […]

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April 8, 2009 - 9:49 pm

claire - haha, that look is priceless! isn’t it funny what things they find to be come obsessed with??

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