Some changes . . .


Well, this two week experiment with the “Daily Cooper iPhone Photo” has left me with two observations:

1) Coming up with an interesting photo, and a story about Cooper to go with it, every day is not an easy thing; and,
2) I am finding myself starting to cringe at the bad image quality of the photos i am posting

Now, for a phone, the quality of the images taken with my iPhone, especially in good daylight, is actually not bad. But, it’s actually not great, either. And, since this does happen to be a photography blog, i am realizing that the quality of the photos is far more important than posting a not-so-great quality iPhone photo catching Cooper in an action i might not have otherwise captured with my “real” camera. And so, with today’s iPhone photo, the “Daily Cooper iPhone Photo” experiment is coming to an end.

I’ve always been a firm believer of “quality over quantity,” and thus it follows that there probably will not be a daily update of the blog anymore. But, i promise that the less frequent posts will be even better than getting a daily post. Better quality pictures, more polished stories. See how that works out?

Anyway…as i said, the iPhone is handy for on-the-spot captures when there’s no camera within reach, including this shot, where Cooper is checking beneath the bed for monsters dust bunnies his tennis ball. I can only guess how many of his tennis balls are beneath the bed at this minute. Once a week, when we (actually do) vacuum beneath the bed, Cooper suddenly becomes the proud owner again of a trove of tennis balls, and other assorted toys, rawhide bits and plush animals he has managed to lose under there over the course of the week.

Maybe that’s why he has such a hate for the vacuum cleaner…he must be afraid it will steal all his treasures from beneath the bed.

F a c e b o o k