Nine days, 14 hours, and 3 minutes to go . . .


This weekend i was all set to mow the grass weeds, but the yard was still so soggy from last week’s rains that i had to leave it for another day (which won’t be soon, i am guessing, since it is raining again right now.)

Instead, i moved the (to be reinstalled after the house-painting the next two weeks) rain gutters off the grass weeds and to the side of the house while Cooper ran circles around me like a madman with his tennis ball in his mouth, trying to goad me into playing with him in the mud. Every circle he made around me he kicked up more mud-gooey goodness, and made him even more excited that he was finally allowed to get back into his backyard.

So, there he is, resting in a shady corner of the yard after his shenanigans, and completely happy, while i am watching him and slowly coming to the realization that since the grass weeds can’t be mowed, there’s finally no excuse left for me not to get started on doing my taxes.

Maybe i should call the dentist to set up that root canal…

Can I go out and play now?


I was just now walking down the hall toward my office and happened to look over to see Cooper sitting on the bed in the front guest bedroom, intently looking at something outside. Those are his buddies from next door he is watching—they are 3-year-old fraternal twins who love playing “hide-and-seek” and “tag” with Cooper in our backyard. (Occasionally they even let their older sister join in the fun.)

Last week, the boys rang the doorbell to see if Cooper could come out and play. When we told them “sorry, not today, maybe tomorrow,” the darker-haired one replied in a sweet voice, “well, that’s not right.”

I’m sure Cooper agreed with him.

Visions of Spring


This is one of Cooper’s favorite spots when i am working. I’ve left a space between my desk and the window so he can sit and look outside to make sure the birds and squirrels in his yard are behaving. When he’s tired he will rest his head on the sill and almost fall asleep.

I took this photo yesterday, and, the grass is finally getting greener (though most of what you see in the picture is weeds, to be sure). Today it’s a veritable monsoon outside, and the yard is under at least an inch of water, if not more. I guess that’s the bonus we get for living at sea level on the marsh.

I just noticed in the photo that the palm tree branch behind Cooper’s head almost makes it look like he has fabulously long eyelashes on his hidden side. My movie star…

The Joker


Another yawn picture…is there a theme developing here? For some reason Cooper’s expression here reminds me of Jack Nicholson as the Joker in “Batman.” Deliciously laughing at all the devious April Fool’s jokes happening everywhere today no doubt. No jokes here yet today…but, the day is long…mwah-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaa

Snarly and Me


Today’s daily iPhone photo of Cooper honors the release of Marley and Me on DVD today. I read the book when it came out, but still haven’t seen the movie yet. I’m up for all the crazy dog antics in the movie, but i’m not really eagerly anticipating that sad ending….

I took this photo about a month ago to send to friends in Holland (hi Joop en Vera!). Cooper had just woken up and was yawning; thanks to the button-lag on the iPhone, instead of capturing the actual yawn, i captured this expression instead. Fortunately, Cooper is never a real “Snarly”:)

April 5, 2009 - 9:13 pm

Mascha - Hey Cooper, congrats on your own daily blog. I know you are not a snarly at all, just trying to look tough 😉
Looking forward to see what you are up to.
Big Hug, Your biggest Fan!

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