Summer is here!

Well, ok, it doesn’t really hit until the 21st, but that’s close enough for me! Lots of things going on around here, but I couldn’t resist posting this photo of Cooper with his frisbee…summer fun in the backyard! (Though now he has to duck underneath the badminton net for every fetch.) Anyone up for a match? Let me know and bring it on!

Winter Beach Walk

Funny how time keeps ticking away, and I see I’ve gone months without updating my blog. I won’t bore you with the usual explanations/excuses/rationalizations…let’s just get on with another blog post, shall we?

Two weekends ago on Folly Beach when the sun was out (but the wind was still cold!) we came across these pups playing together. I couldn’t resist capturing them from afar since we didn’t bring my muse, Cooper, to the beach with us (he wasn’t happy when we came home smelling like salt water and sand.) I’m looking forward to getting out to the beach much more often now that Spring is just around the corner (this time with Cooper in tow.)

Sea Turtle Rescue Returns Turtles to the Ocean at Isle of Palms County Park, SC

On Saturday, May 1st, the South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Rescue program released 7 rehabilitated sea turtles (3 loggerheads and 4 green sea turtles) into the ocean at Isle of Palms County Park. It was an amazing experience seeing these beautiful creatures returned to the sea after having been rehabilitated back to health by the great people of the South Carolina Aquarium. Everyone was in great spirits, and I couldn’t have met nicer people while waiting for the show to begin.

The crowd started gathering early, and 90 minutes before showtime the path to the ocean was already defined by waiting turtle lovers.

An hour later the line was 5 people deep, leaving a nice wide path for the turtles to take toward the Atlantic Ocean

First to be released was a loggerhead turtle named Beasley. He barely survived a cold snap in North Carolina waters in early February of 2009:

Front row seats:

I love how this boy crawled through a sea of legs to get his prime spot:

Finally Beasley reached the ocean…

…and swam away to a great round of applause and cheers from the crowd:

Meanwhile, another loggerhead survivor of the same cold snap in North Carolina, Ocracoke, was given a helping hand in getting to the water…

…and then stopped to pose for the paparazzi:

Seemed like Ocracoke was really checking out everything before going back home to the sea:

Swim Ocracoke, swim!

Up next was Dare, a green sea turtle who was also a victim of a cold snap, this one in December of 2009. He was covered in barnacles when he arrived at the aquarium, but he’s sure looking good now!

Cluse, another green turtle brought in as a result of the same event as Dare, testing the waters before getting in:

Here, Dare, Cluse, and Frisco, yet another green sea turtle brought in due to cold-stunning, are released at the same time:

Scute, a juvenile loggerhead turtle, has the distinction of being the 50th turtle to have been rehabilitated and released by the South Carolina Aquarium. Looks like he wants nothing to do with the fanfare of having his picture taken…

…and heads straight for the horizon once past the cameras:

It’s just so awesome to see them swim away…

Last but not least was Mingo, a juvenile green sea turtle found on Kiawah Island, SC, in June of 2009. He was found very underweight, covered in barnacles, and suffering from severe dehydration. Mingo was “air-swimming” the entire way to the water!

“Please, no photos”

The crowd loves little Mingo:

One last look before the show is over:

I cannot describe how magical it was to see these turtles find their way back to the ocean and swim away. If you ever get a chance to see it for yourself, go check it out!

Now, for those of you asking yourselves “What are sea turtles doing on a blog devoted to ‘pet’ photos?” The answer is this: some turtles are pets! (Though no one should have a sea turtle as a pet—they belong in the oceans.) Also, turtles have had a bit of a role in my life, as can be seen in this past blog entry of my brother and me holding our pet turtles in Holland. I’ll even confess here on my blog, that my mom’s nickname for me used to be “Turtle” (had something to do with me telling her I’d be right over, then getting caught up in something I was doing, and showing up an hour later.)

My mom would have turned 80 tomorrow. She passed away at age 78, and some days I still cannot fathom that she is no longer alive (she always believed she would “at least” make it to age 99, like her own mother did.) Mom would have loved to have been front row for the turtle release, and it is thanks to her that I have my love of nature, travel, art, writing and photography. So, in honor of what would have been my mom’s 80th birthday tomorrow, I am offering a May special for pet photography! Any photo session booked in May, and making mention of the discount code…wait for it…TURTLE, will receive an extra $80 print credit! So what are you waiting for? Book it!

May 3, 2010 - 3:39 pm

Eliabeth G. Herdt - The pictures are so good. thank you for sharing. It was lovely meeting you, Els and Mascha.
Have a good evening !

May 4, 2010 - 1:19 am

CKD - Thank you for posting these. I’ve had to miss every single turtle release thus far. One day I’ll make it to one, but in the meantime these really helped me feel I was almost there myself.

June 7, 2011 - 6:33 am

Adam Alex Wedding Photographer - This turtle is so pretty! Magic Work!

July 27, 2011 - 4:53 am

Raychel Wade Blog - Lovely session. Love the nature’s beauty!

Blue Angels & Peaches

The Navy’s Blue Angels practiced over Charleston Harbor today for their shows this weekend. It was a great day to be near the water in the sun, and I got some great shots, most of which I still have to fish out of the many bad shots. But, here are a couple I liked: (You can see my other Blue Angels photos from their practice session by clicking here.)

So, the Blue Angels were neat and all, but, the real fun was in meeting Peaches the Australian Labradoodle, and her folks, who were also out on the docks watching the air show. What a sweetheart of a dog Peaches is, and, she wasn’t scared of the loud jets passing by at all. Here are a few captures of Peaches and her folks. It was great meeting them and enjoying the show together!

She’s a real lap dog…

…and a kisser!

…and she follows her folks wherever they go without being leashed!

August 4, 2011 - 7:50 am

Rochelle Wedding Photorgaphy - Lovely and romantic place!

Pet Fest at Palmetto Islands County Park, Mount Pleasant SC

Charleston’s Pet Fest was held this weekend at Palmetto Islands County Park, which just happens to be a hop, skip, and a jump from our house, so, we decided to check out some of the action.

We happened to catch the amateur dock diving competition, which featured a lot of “gentle encouragement” (aka nudging and pushing) from owners:

Though on the second go-around she went right for the water…

(Also love the facial expressions of the gal in the hat in the background in that series)

This guy looked like he had done this before…

…preparing for a soft landing…

Second time around…

This guy had just gotten out and wondered if he could jump in from the other side…

Another pro…

This next guy got all the style points. Here’s walking on water…

…and the tennis-ball cat-pounce…


Next up was the police K-9 exhibition, in which they demonstrated how canine police officers assist in the apprehension of criminals. This team worked great together…

He looks so friendly while chasing the “bad guy”…

…but he caught him by the arm…

…held on…

…and took him down…

Seemed like everyone had an awesome time…

…except maybe this cutie, who didn’t like being left outside the door…

We can’t wait until Pet Fest 2011!

April 14, 2010 - 8:34 am

Nicole H te B in NL - Top foto’s Els! leuk om te zien en gaaf inderdaad die uitdrukkingen in de ‘gezichten’ van de honden!

die kleine buiten de “Dixi” ahhhh … hahahaha
Groe(n)ten uit B’dorp 😀

June 4, 2010 - 1:35 pm

claire - oh my gosh, those water action shots are the best!!!!

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